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I am Christopher, your personal guide through marketingonline101.net and the online marketing information that I hope to include within it.

My own journey is far from complete.  I started way back in 1991 with degrees in computer science and accounting.  At the time, it was much easier to find work within the accounting field and I did that sort of work for the next 15 years or so.  Around 10 years ago though, a rather major change came to my life in the form of an unexpected but very welcome baby boy.  I had moved from the city to a small town and in my new location and the economy at the time I found myself unable to find work within the field I had been used to.  So I ended up working in customer service and searching for ways to add income.  That was my first foray into internet marketing, and it was somewhat successful, though not so much that I was able to quit my day job.

A few years later on, I went from that customer service job to a factory position, completely foreign to any work I had ever done before, but in line with some hobbies I have had over the years, as I like to repair and restore automobiles and motorcycles, and love to work on old houses, so the new job wasn’t bad, and it was quite a bit more money, so all was well.   At that time, I left the internet marketing to concentrate on my full time job, my son and life.

But, it was always in the back of my mind.  And so, now my son is 9 and I find I have the time again to get back into the internet and my interests there.  I also bought an 130 year old Victorian house that I putter around in, and the added income from online marketing can be put to good use in my other hobbies.

So, that’s a bit about me, hopefully, you will find the information I am providing within this site as interesting and useful as I do.  Please feel free to drop me a comment below or to join me over at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking here.

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