5 common mistakes new Affiliate marketers make and how to avoid them

5 common mistakes new Affiliate marketers make and how to avoid them

After days, weeks or perhaps months of scouring the internet to find ways of making money online, you finally found the magic bullet; Affiliate marketing.

Your enthusiasm is fired up as you read success stories of other marketers, and at that point, it becomes lucidly clear that affiliate marketing is a serious goldmine.

You know there’s work to be done, but hard work doesn’t make you shiver. You run off in different directions, trying out every tactic in the book, but 4 months down the line, your affiliate income is mockingly staring at you – all you see are just zero.

Like everything else, affiliate marketing has its set of rules, and it is only those that abide by these rules that win at the end of the day.

That being said, here are common affiliate mistakes beginners often make

1. Not caring about your customers

Granted, you are in to make money – every other thing is secondary. But here is the catch – you are selling products to real people with real concerns.

Slapping your landing page with links and sales banners is the fastest way to get your readers pissed off. You have to give them something of value before they would even think of wiping out the credit cards.

Offer them super informational articles that will guide their buying decision, provide honest reviews of a product – just show them you care.

2. Recommending unused products

In the bid to make more money from their marketing efforts, some affiliate marketers recommend products they have never used before, hence can’t vouch for. In fact, some go the length of writing convincing, yet unreal reviews about a product.

While you may get away with this, you will at some point in the future pay dearly.

3. Running after shiny objects

All that glitters, they say, isn’t gold. In the world of affiliate marketing, there are always tons of product to promote, and huge profits to be made.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with promoting multiple products at a time – where the problem lies is promoting products outside your niche.

Say you ran an SEO blog – you would be undercutting yourself by promoting products in, say, dating niche. It’s better to be seen as an authority blogger than being a jack of all trade master of …

4. Joining too many affiliate program at a time

It is tempting to join several affiliate program at a time, especially when starting out. Admittedly, there is nothing wrong with this, but this can only work when you have mastered the art.

So, when starting, it is best to stick with one, or at most two, to avoid burning yourself out.

5. Not tracking

Earning your first affiliate commission is sure an awesome experience. But don’t let this get into your head.

To succeed as an affiliate marketer, it is important to know which page exactly is brought in sales, hence the need for tracking. Tracking helps you determine where to put the most effort.

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