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Outsourcing as a Website Tool

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017:

Outsourcing As A Tool Today I would like to talk a little bit about the options available for outsourcing some of your website work.  Primarily, I want to address website content supplied by another party.  It is definitely preferable to create your own content whenever possible, but sometimes you just won’t have the time to do this, or you might not have any ideas, or you might be creating a new site and want to get some content up quickly before padding it with your own content.  There are many choices out there for doing this outsourcing, from having someone […] Read More →

Wealthy Affiliate Product Review

Friday, April 14th, 2017:

PRODUCT NAME: Wealth Affiliate Overall Ranking: 95/100 Owners: Carson and Kyle Website: INTRODUCTION Wealthy affiliate is an excellent business development platform that provides users with the resources for creating a successful business venture online. Since its inception, the website has accumulated well over 850,000 members, and it is an all-inclusive platform that provides users with all that they need in one platform. This never before seen hosting solution also provides users with support and training modules to suit their needs. The team at Wealthy Affiliate has been customized to suit the needs of both novice and advanced business persons. […] Read More →

Content, Content, Content

Sunday, April 9th, 2017:

One of the most important things you will find about internet marketing is the need for a website, and along with the website comes the need for content.  Now, some might believe that any content will do and you will find sites out there that have multiple pages that are basically the same article just rewritten multiple times.  Some people even use a program called a spinner to take an unique article and change it into multiple articles.  This used to be a way to get a lot of content quickly and easily, but it doesn’t really work these days.  […] Read More →

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